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The Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation, publicly launched on 14 March 2018, is an independent community of scholars based at UNSW Sydney. As a partnership between Allens and UNSW Law, the hub adds breadth and depth to research on the diverse interactions among technological change, law, and legal practice. The partnership enriches academic and policy debates and drives considered reform of law and practice through engagement with the legal profession, the judiciary, industry, government and the broader community.


The Hub is also the home of FLIP Stream, a joint initiative of UNSW Law and the Law Society of New South Wales.


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Michael Legg

How will the legal profession be structured in the future?

Moving from the office to home has rapidly changed the way the legal profession works, not just during COVID, but potentially, for the future.

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Submission: Review of the Privacy Act 1988

The Hub has made a submission to the Attorney General's Department in response to a call for input into the review of the privacy act.

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