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Monika Zalnieriute

Victoria Won’t Release COVIDSafe Access Figures

The Hub's Monika Zalnieriute explains knowing the number of times the COVIDSafe app has been accessed for tracing is crucial to the scheme's integrity...

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Submission: Cyber and Critical Technology International Engagement Strategy

The hub has made a submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in response to a call for input into Australia's Cyber and...

Lyria Bennett Moses

Predictive policing: will you do time before the crime?

The limitations of software that predicts future crimes before they occur needs to be recognised, advises Hub director Lyria Bennett Moses
Bronwen Morgan

Platform cooperativism stream responds to rise in youth unemployment in the wake of COVID-19

Platform Cooperativism stream lead Bronwen Morgan is involved with an exciting initiative that harnesses the potential of platform cooperativism to...

Michael Legg

The courts and the pandemic: the role and limits of technology

The FLIP Stream annual topic for 2020 includes an examination of online courts. The topic has proved a prescient choice with the COVID-19 pandemic and...

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Submission: Hub involved in three submissions regarding the COVIDSafe app

1)   To the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights The Hub partnered with the Australian Human Rights Institute, the Lead of UNSW’s Grand...

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CovidSafe legislation wins legal support, but with tweaks

Allens hub co-stream lead Katharine Kemp and member Graham Greenleaf comment on the Draft privacy legislation for the COVIDSafe app

Katharine Kemp

The COVIDSafe bill doesn’t go far enough to protect our privacy. Here’s what needs to change

Hub stream co-lead Katharine Kemp advises the govt will need to correct earlier misstatements and improve privacy protections to gain trust for...

AHRC discussion paper front page image

Hub roundtable discussion with Australian Human Rights Commission on human rights and technology

The Hub recently hosted in a roundtable discussion with the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) about its discussion paper on human rights and...