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UNSW Allens Hub to support two researchers in 2022

The UNSW Allens hub will provide support to two researchers in 2022 which will bolster its research in the areas of the cyber-physical world and in the enhancement of the regulation of consumer data practices in Australia.

Both researchers will be supported by the Hub from January 2022 for 12 months.

Dr Kayleen Manwaring will be a Senior Research Fellow with the Hub for 2022.  Dr Manwaring will conduct research in two broad areas.  Firstly, in private law enforcement in a cyber-physical world. This will involve examining the technological implementation of methods of enforcement of private rights (such as contract or copyright) by suppliers of services and software supporting cyber-physical objects and systems.  Secondly, Dr Manwaring will research the effects of complexity in a cyber-physical world. This will include the complexity of the technology itself and the complexity of the contractual arrangements associated with supply.

Although 2022 teaching commitments prevent her from taking up a research fellow role, the Hub will provide Dr Katharine Kemp with a grant for teaching relief to give her time to work on research with the Hub.  

Dr Kemp’s research will be on the enhancement of the regulation of consumer data practices in Australia.  This will include two elements.  Firstly, it will gauge the extent to which current consumer data practices, as evidenced by published privacy policies, diverge from the expectations and preferences of Australian consumers.  Secondly, it will examine ways in which existing competition, consumer and privacy laws might be better harmonised to improve the regulation of consumer data practices in Australia. 

The hub is also collaborating with the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre to recruit a third researcher in the area of cyber security. The research will be aimed at driving legal and policy adaptation to new and emerging cyber threats.  The successful candidate will be announced shortly