FLIP Stream

Flip Stream

In 2016 the Law Society of New South Wales established the Future Committee and, in turn, the Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession (FLIP) Commission of Inquiry.  The inquiry culminated in the Law Society’s ground-breaking The Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession (FLIP) report, surrounding the future of the legal industry in the digital age. 

The report recognised that the legal profession is undergoing change at a pace never before experienced and in unforeseen ways.  This change has major ramifications for not just the legal profession, but for clients and society more generally, particularly in relation to access to justice.

UNSW Law and the Law Society are collaborating to generate a stream of research to consider and respond to the issues raised by the FLIP report, such as legal technology, clients’ needs and expectations, new ways of working, community needs and legal education.

Each year the FLIP stream, as it has become known, will undertake research into an annual topic that will then be disseminated through the academy, the profession and society.  In 2018 the annual topic was Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession.  As part of the FLIP stream annual topic for 2018, Professor Michael Legg and Dr Felicity Bell created a primer for lawyers and law students which is available here.

In 2019 the annual topic was Change Leadership for a Dynamic Profession. The FLIP stream also engaged in and responded to other areas of research and law reform.  A primer has been developed for the 2019 which is available here

The topic for 2020 is the Sustainability of Law and Lawyers, including:

  • technology and dispute resolution;
  • legal design – process simplification and improvement; and
  • cost and financing.

The FLIP stream will be primarily conducted by Professor Michael Legg, Dr Justine Rogers and Dr Felicity Bell. See their profiles below: